7 Bridges of Koenigsberg

7 Bridges of Koenigsberg

Choragraphy composes/designs from a group point of view, and the function of Appiphany is to orient egents to their location in an energy milieu. The milieu is a phase space, a figure of which is found in Tarkovsky’s Stalker (the Zone).  Serres project to open a Northwest Passage to connect the different divisions of knowledge makes his work especially helpful for understanding manifestations of phase space in phenomena.  Reminding us that complexity, topology, thermodynamics and the like, however abstract in their scientific principles, constitute descriptions of everyday reality.  His texts are hybrids of literature, science, philosophy, in which he proposes numerous quotidian models and relays with which to study the principles.  One such model is the jeu de l’oie (goose’s game):  “This game uses a board containing sixty-three squares arranged in a spiral configuration beginning from the outside and moving toward the center (hence the reference in Serres’s text to a closed path circling back upon itself).  A player throws two dice to advance a token along the squares. When a player lands on certain key squares, he is required to make special moves, for example, on the well square, the bridge square, the hotel square, the prison square, or the goose’s square — Ed.” (Hermes, 40).


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